Double Six Wooden Dominoes, Ages 7 and Above
Standard Chess Board – 2″ Squares

Wooden Domino Game

Beautifully hand made and painted double six set of dominoes complete with wooden flip-top box.
Dimensions: 5″ x 7 7/8″ x 1 1/6″

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This is the perfect double six set for domino aficionados who feel the urge to smack the bone down, avoid lockdown and be the first to call out “domino”, all while steering clear of the dreaded boneyard. Sound foreign to you? Don’t worry, the set comes complete with instructions. If all the talk of bones (domino tiles in the lingo of gamers) is too morbid and you’d rather play non-competitively, you can go for a world record in the domino effect, toppling one domino unto the other. You’ll need to equip yourself with plenty of these sets though – the world record was set in on Domino Day in the Netherlands where over 4 million bones were toppled one after the other in an exhibition that was watched by 85 million viewers! This set contains 28 individually handmade, hand-painted dominoes that may be stored inside the wooden flip-top box. Special discount given if 145, 693 sets are purchased (the amount need to break the world record!)

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