Silver Color Solid Metal Dice Set,
Teal colored Polyhedral 7-Die Translucent Dice Set – (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 & d00)

Steel colored DICE Type 1 Box Set Of 2

  • In place of the traditional embedded pips, these dice feature custom engraved lines to represent numbers 1 through 6
  • Each set of  Dice comes packaged in a box with 2 dice
  • Size W 16 mm. x L 16 mm. x H 16 mm.Weight 30 gram / pcs.

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The use of dice has been recorded to ancient times. The oldest known dice were excavated as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set at the Burnt City, an archaeological site in south-eastern Iran Dice collecting began with the popularity of the Dungeon & Dragons series of board/role playing games.
With AKO Dice, the designer has taken the traditional dice and turned it on its head. A simple idea with a complex design. The new design is inspired by new age concepts, and has a sleek, space-age, cutting-edge technology style – a one of a kind design perfect for all gamers as well as collectors.
AKO Dice utilizes a redesigned dice pip with custom engraved artwork on a 16 mm 6-sided dice. Each side is flat with beveled edges, contributing to a sleek, comfortable feel for game play. Rather than using traditional dice pips, each number (1-6) is represented by a line on each side. Continuing the design, each side is connected by pip line, creating links between the numbers. Ako Dice are made of aluminum and finished either naturally or in a selection of anodized colors. The packaging contains 2 dice per boxed set.

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