Red with White dot 12mm Six Sided Die (36) Block of Dice
Steel colored DICE Type 1 Box Set Of 2

Silver Color Solid Metal Dice Set,

  • Be the envy of your roleplaying buddies with these SOLID METAL dice, with a heavy feel and beautiful quality finish
  • Full polyhedral 7-die pack, D4, D6, D8, D10 (marked with single units), D10 (percentile – marked in tens), D12, D20
  • Comes in presentation box with foam padding to keep the dice safe – A unique gift for any rpg fan
  • Easy to read numbering, with underscoring on 6 and 9, and high precision manufacture for accurate, fair rolling
  • For all role playing games and wargames; Comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
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Just imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you turn up with this incredible, solid metal dice set, in it’s own specially crafted presentation box.

Normal plastic dice will never seem the same again…

Paladin Roleplaying are proud to present the pinnacle of roleplaying dice – a full set of silver coloured, weighty, solid metal dice with a beautiful high quality finish.

The full set set consists of 1xD4, 1xD6, 1xD8, 1xD10 (numbered 0-9), 1xD10 (percentile – marked in tens), 1xD12 and 1xD20

The dice are easy to read, with large, clear numbering, and underscoring to differentiate 6 and 9.

They are made to a high level of precision, guaranteeing accurate rolling every time.

Comes with full 1 year manufacturer’s ‘no quibbles’ warranty.

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