Role Playing Dice – D100 Opaque Blue & White Spherical Dice / Die – ZOCCHIHEDRON
120-sided Dice in Black

Role Playing Dice – D100 Opaque White & Blue Spherical Dice / Die – ZOCCHIHEDRON

  • The famous D100, also known as Zocchihedron (Other Colors Available)
  • Behold, the famous invention of Lou Zocchi – the d100
  • Look for other GameScience Dice including the d50
  • GameScience is the precision dice industry leader
  • This remarkable invention allows percentile rolls made quick and easy – with just one roll of this oddly shaped die
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This is a blue d100 with white numbering — a one hundred-sided die — also known as the Zocchihedron. The d100 was named Zocchihdedron after its creator, Lou Zocchi of Game Science. — Unlike traditional polyhedral dice, the d100 is much closer to a ball in design than an actual die. The interior of the Zocchihedron d100 has teardrop-shaped weights that help the d100 to stop more quickly, rather than rolling endlessly. The d100 is an alternative to rolling two d10s to get a percentile result. The percentile is an increasingly popular die mechanic due to its intuitive simplicity; however, most gamers prefer the traditional 2d10 roll and the feel of standard polyhedral gaming dice. But then again… most die-hard gamers have at least one d100 floating around in their collections somewhere.

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