Double 15 Color Dot Dominoes in a Collectors Tin
Melamine material domino Set of 28 Double Six

Dominoes Double 18 Professional Size, Mexican Train Set with Numbers

Double 18 means a set of 190 Dominoes. Great for large groups and/or longer games.
Large color-coded numbers (NOT pips) enhance the game substantially. Easy to read, easy to match, easy to score and tally. Great for camping, RV’ing and other low light situations.
Deluxe, Professional Size, Double 18, Solid White dominoes with big bold colored numbers.
Includes starter/centerpiece, 8 multicolored train markers, and small black train with whistling sound.
Play Mexican Train Dominoes, Standard Dominoes, and most other dominoe Game variations with this set.

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This is a set of 190 professional size dominoes representing all the combinations from 0/0 to 18/18. Bright white dominoes have large, bold colored, recessed numbers. Each number is represented by a different color. Embossed numbers prevent wear and insure long lasting readability. Smooth, acrylic feel dominoes. These professional size dominoes measure 2 inches, by 1 inch wide by 5/16 inch thick. Most dominoe fans Numbers are often preferred to pips especially with larger sets like this. Numbers are easier to read, easier to match and much easier to count. The 6 Number has an underscore to distinguish between the 6’s & 9’s.

Accessories included are: starting oval centerpiece 6 x 4.25 inches, eight colorful plastic trains. Basic dominoe instructions translated into somewhat marginal English.

Dominoes store in a dark, textured, snap-close, vinyl case of very average quality. Does the job, but nothing fancy. (And very similar to most vinyl dominoe cases on the market today.) Case measures approximately 9.00 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches. Set weighs close to 10 pounds.

Enjoy playing most dominoe games with this deluxe, professional size, double 18, numbered set of dominoes. All double 18 sets have 190 dominoes. Large double eighteen sets allow for longer play, more interesting play and larger groups of players.

Deluxe, Professional Size, Double 18, Solid White dominoes with big bold colored numbers.

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