GameScience: Opaque Ivory with Black 50 sided Die, numbered 0-49 (d50) Big Topper
D60 Sixty-Sided Polyhedral RPG Gaming Die- Red & blue&black colors

D60 Sixty-Sided Polyhedral RPG Gaming Die- Green

  • One Premium Sixty-Sided Polyhedral Gaming Die
  • Glossy Blue with Engraved White Numbers
  • Large 35mm Size

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The d60 Sixty-Sided die is a large (35mm), polyhedral gaming die with 60 equal kite shaped faces numbered 1-60. Perfect for unique role-playing situations and encounters, mathematical applications, or as the perfect dice bag novelty. Solid construction, a high gloss finish, and clear high- contrast numbering make this die a quality addition to any role-player’s suite. A perfect gift for the gamer who has everything.

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