16mm set of 12 x d6 six sided dice-Grey&Red color
16mm set of 12 x d6 six sided dice-Translucent Blue color

16mm set of 12 x d6 six sided dice-Blue color

This gives you plenty of dice whetther you play wargames or RPG’s.

This is ideal for Dungeons and Dragons, Cthulhu, Runequest, and many others.

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Need more dice? Each set has 12 six-sided dice for your next gaming adventure. The Borealis D6 is cast in a semi-translucent magenta and filled with iridescent sparkles. It’s like each die has been magically kissed with fairy dust.The standard, 16mm size is perfect for wargaming, role playing, and for other games that require amazing six-sided dice. The etched pips are inked in gold for easy reading after each roll.

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