Set of Five 120-sided Dice
5mm Six Sided D6 white

120-sided Dice in Green

  • Unique 120-sided die (d120 dice)
  • Fully-symmetrical shape with triangular faces
  • Measures 2.0″ (50 mm) in diameter
  • Weighs 0.2 lb. (0.1 kg)
  • Green dice with white numbers

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This d120 die has one hundred twenty triangular faces numbered 1-120. The shape is a fully-symmetrical polyhedron (an isohedron) known as the disdyakis triacontahedron. This shape is the ultimate fair die allowed by mathematical symmetry. The numbers are distributed perfectly uniformly, so that the sums of the number groups of each type are uniform. E.g., the twelve groups of ten numbers all sum to 605. The die is 2.0″ (50 mm) in diameter and weighs 1/5 of a pound (0.1 kg). This unique object will amaze and fascinate math lovers and gamers alike!

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