The Most Popular Dice is manufacturing in Chinese factory

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The Most Popular Dice is manufacturing in Chinese factory

#1: Pound o’ Dice

Taking first place yet again this year is the Pound o’ Dice— with nearly twice as many sold as the next most popular dice product. The Pound o’ Dice is a giant bag containing a random assortment of around 100 dice. These dice include a lot of factory seconds, but are also mixed in with high-quality dice from various Chessex dice sets.

It it apparently just too hard for any gamer to resist this quantity of dice (even if you know a chunk of them are going to be ugly — the ugly ones are what you make your friends use when they forget their dice!)

#2: Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

Blue is the most popular dice color, and the most popular of the blue dice are the Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set. These are clear dice with inky blue colors drifting through them.

Fun fact about Nebula Blue dice sets: every now and then you get a die that is entirely clear, or darned close to it. Because this would suck to get, Awesome Dice Receiving actually opens every Nebula Blue 7-dice set and replaces any clear dice with an appropriately inky one. As a result we now have a sizable box of clear and nearly clear dice that we’re debating what to do with.

#3: Scarab Royal Blue 7-Set

Here at Awesome Dice we’re big fans of the entire Scarab collection of dice, and Scarab Royal Blue brings follows the blue trend for the #3 most popular dice of 2015.

When viewed closely, these dice are actually a mixture of blue and purple, but from a distance appear just a swirly blue.

#4: Gemini Blue Steel 7-Dice Set

The Gemini Blue Steel dice are another blue dice set making the top 10 list. These dice are particularly unique in that all set types sell extremely well: 12d6, 36d6 and even 10d10 sets outperform other colors of the same set type (which isn’t always true of the top 10 dice set winners).

#5: Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

The Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set is a personal favorite and the first standard dice set to break out of the blue mold. Nice to see a different color in the top 10 list.

#6: Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set

The Elven style dice sporting runic designs are all very popular, and so it’s not surprise that the Elven Translucent Blue set makes the top 10 list — of course with blue being the most popular color of these dice.

#7: Mini Gold 7-Dice Set

The tiny Mini Gold 7-Dice Set are just 5mm in size. While being just under a third the size of normal dice may not sound like much: you can fit this entire dice set on the head of a penny.

A perfect little treasure, these are probably the easiest dice to carry to a game. Heck, you could even put them in your wallet and never be caught unprepared.

#8: Gemini Red-Black 7-Set

Red may be the second most popular dice color, but it took us until #8 on the top ten list to get to a red dice set.The Gemini Red-Black 7-Set is also a personal favorite. These great-looking mix black and red together to create a darker, fiercer-looking dice set.

#9: Gemini Purple-Black 7-Set

Given the popularity of the Gemini Purple-Black Dice Set, we were surprised to see that purple was so low in the most popular colors. It appears that if a gamer has a hankering for purple dice, then this is the purple dice set of choice.

#10: Forest Dice

The Q-Workshop Forest Dice set is particularly attractive, absolutely covered in leaf and vine designs. Personally I prefer the green version, but these are undeniably cool-looking dice that will stand out at the gaming table.