Poker chips is a very popular game

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Poker chips is a very popular game

Although the casino can be exciting, particularly for anyone it can also be more than a little daunting for those who have never gambled before. With experienced players all around, as well as the house advantage, a lot of newbies lose the plot – and their money. However if you keep your head you can avoid making common casino mistakes such as these ones.


Poker is a very popular game, but given the level of skill involved, also one of the easiest for new players to make mistakes playing. Indeed, jumping straight into trying to play poker when they are not fully familiar with it is a very common mistake and one guaranteed to cost you against experienced players. Play your friends, and take lessons, until you are more skilled and confident. Another common poker error made by newer players is to chase losses by continuing to play, in the hope that their luck will turn. If you are having a bad night, the smart strategy is always to cut your losses and come back another night with a clear head.


This is another popular, but complex, card game for new players to grasp. One frequent mistake they make is to start playing before they know the language of signs and symbols that blackjack players use to indicate whether they wish to ‘stay’ or be ‘hit’ with more cards. Rubbing your index finger on the table indicates you want to be ‘hit’ while waving your hand across your blackjack cards indicates a ‘stay’. There is also the fact that an ace in blackjack can be worth either 11 or 1, leaving the player to calculate two totals if they have an ace card in their hand – soft hands are where aces are worth 11, while hard hands are where they are worth 1. You can see why Bond stuck to baccarat!


As with other casino games, roulette is something that has to be learned if you want to become a good player in the long term, rather just briefly lucky. Roulette is a game where the house advantage is comparatively low – for example it is 2.7 percent in European roulette – and thus new players often bet big very quickly. They are encouraged to do this by the casino, but it usually results in heavy losses, meaning you should look for tables that take the lowest bets and start out by gambling smaller sums. Another regular rookie error is to bet too often in one game, whereas you should go with even money bets spread throughout the evening’s play.


This is the easiest type of casino game for new players, but mistakes can still be made. One is to try and use a system for winning at slots, when in fact they are purely luck-based – with the spins not relating to each other at all. Another is to assume that payouts occur inevitably if you play for long enough: the times they happen are entirely random, sometimes in quick succession, other times with long breaks between.

Learning the ropes when it comes to casino games isn’t easy, but by following this guide and working at it, you can have Bond’s self confidence before you know it.

Playing chips with a happy mood,everthing is Okay.