How quickly do you ship ?

As your order quantityif normal products we can deliver you with 7days and extra shipping timeif it is customized products it depend on your logo and model

Can you ship any faster?

Yes, please contact us for prices and options available. Please add this to the comments section of your order if you wish to use this and we will contact you with the options available.

Where do you ship to ?

We ship to anywhere in the world and all the products are from China manufacturer.


Gameparts Standard Imprint PMS Colors

The following charts show our standard imprint colors for all our items.

For an imprint color different from those listed below,we need add extra template cost.

NOTE: PMS color matches are as close as possible. An exact color match is not guaranteed.

Standard Imprint Colors for Opaque and Transparent Dice (excluding Loaded Dice) and Dominoes:

Standard Imprint Colors for all Other Imprinted Products (excludes those in 1. above):

Most Popular Dice Types

The ubiquitous 7-dice set used in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder remains by a massive margin the most popular way to purchase dice. Single dice are nearly tied with dice bags as the second most common purchase (though single dice have an advantage in our reporting: a purchase of a 7-dice set counts as 1, while a purchase of seven single dice counts as 7).

Other dice sets actually fell in comparison to the 7-dice set from what we’ve seen in previous years, with 10d10 sets making their poorest showing to date. Digging deeper into the numbers, it appears that the number of 36d6 and 12d6 sets that gamers are buying isn’t actually decreasing; but instead the number of 7-dice sets is surging upward significantly. Propelled by 5e perhaps, or just a general trend?

Most Popular Dice Colors

The most popular dice colors haven’t changed substantially over the years. Blue remains the most popular, followed by red, green, black, purple, and gold. Shifts in 2015 included pink moving up from last place to just below gold, switching places with white dice. Also all the unpopular colors classified into “other” have decreased significantly compared to the most popular colors.

For this data we classify dice by their dominant color: in the case of dice that are black and another color, we credit them to the other color (for example: Gemini Red-Black dice are classified as red dice).

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We’d love to hear from you! Simply visit our Contact page and ask away. Messages are checked frequently throughout the day, even on weekends and holidays.

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We take security VERY seriously, and strongly believe in a safer, more secure internet. Because of this, our entire site is protected. Every single page on our site (not just the checkout page) uses SSL encryption to ensure that no data can be intercepted as it travels over the net. You can verify that every page on our site is protected by looking for the green padlock icon in your web browser’s address bar. Our site encryption is like having a 30th level protection spell, but only better.

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